Health & fitness- Some Insights

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Any exercise is better than none, and research shows that 30 minutes a day will increase energy, tone muscles, and boost your immune system. In addition, regular exercise can relieve stress, reduce health risks like diabetes and heart disease, enhance mental agility, lift your mood, and keep off the kilograms. Find a half hour each day with the following ideas Look For an Excuse to Walk: It’s not only the most environment friendly way to arrive at your destination, but you’ll also save money while staying active. Visiting someone in the estate, consider strolling down. Same with going to the neighbourhood grocery store etc.

 People fight for parking spaces closest to the door. Do the opposite, park as far away as possible (and safe) and then walk down. It is easier to find parking spaces further away anyway. If you are taking public transportation, consider dropping one bus stop away and walk down. Get to know your neighbourhood better. Use Your Lunch Hour: Give the Internet a rest. Use your lunch hour instead to head to the gym or take a brisk walk before you eat. You can stroll around the neighbourhood, discover new places. I remember when my office was in Victoria Island in Lagos, I used to routinely stroll down to the Bar beach during my lunch break. Click here for more details of  Private label Nutraceuticals.

Find the stairs: Some people do not know where the stair case is located. You can get in a great cardio workout — and burn more calories/minute than most other forms of physical activity — without needing any special skills, equipment, or clothing. Look for any excuse to go up and down the staircase several times in a day. Play With Your Kids: If you have active children, playing with them regularly is a good work out. They will stretch you and you chase the ball or play other games that require running. Once you make it a habit and start to see the benefits in your fitness level and how you feel, you’ll want to fit in time for more exercise. Experiment with new activities to keep your commitment fresh. Don’t stop moving your body.